Sue Horth - Head of Content

A founding member of Hardy Pictures, Sue has produced or executive produced the majority of the company’s output, winning a Broadcast Award, RTS and BAFTA nomination for The Relief of Belsen in 2008, an RTS Award in 2006 for Trafalgar Battle Surgeon and a recent RTS nomination for 1066. In addition she produced the BBC4 dramas Spanish Flu - The Forgotten Fallen and Heist as well as directing The Saint and The Hanged Man. Sue is currently executive producing two films for Channel 4 whilst overseeing all Hardy Pictures content from conception to transmission.

Sue’s experience across a range of factual programming has taken her from scripted drama and high-end drama-documentaries and current affairs to formatted historical game-shows and constructed reality. Previous credits include Guns, Germs and Steel for National Geographic and Channel 4; Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance for PBS; Time Commanders for BBC2 and Diana: Story of a Princess for ITV.

Sue prides herself on vivid storytelling and a close creative collaboration with writers, producers, directors and crew. Over five years with Hardy Pictures she has successfully translated big ideas, on modest budgets, into compelling and award-winning value on screen.

Like Justin, Sue studied History at Oxford and subscribes fully to the notion that truth really is stranger - and funnier - than fiction.

City of Vice Reviews

“For viewers who are beginning to feel smothered by petticoats and deafened by the rattle of porcelain teacups, Channel 4 offers an alternative approach to the costume drama … an x-rated Taggart in wigs."

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