Lucy Bassnett-McGuire - Head of Production

Lucy has been with Hardy Pictures since its foundation, co-producing Trafalgar Battle Surgeon, Heist and The Relief of Belsen, and overseeing all other productions.

Lucy worked in the US for a number of years on multi part documentary series for a range of broadcasters including Disney and Discovery, before moving back to the UK. Since then she has line produced a wide range of projects including everything from international reality shows and observational doc series to studio based CGI shows. She met Sue and Justin working on Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance.

She works alongside the business affairs and accounts departments to make sure the financial and legal controls are in place; but really enjoys closely supporting and enabling the production teams to make innovative bold programmes.

She didn’t do history, she didn’t go to Oxford and she is fine with that.

1066 Reviews

“Director Justin Hardy got three hours to show the three great battles of 1066 from the intimate perspective of the men who had to spill their guts and brains in them. The fighting was very convincingly done and the human side of the story sweetly and movingly told."

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