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  • Mapping Ulster

    Mapping Ulster

    The origins of Northern Ireland

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  • Hans Litten vs. Adolf Hitler: To Stop a Tyrant

    Hans Litten vs. Adolf Hitler: To Stop a Tyrant

    First-hand testimony revealing the true story of a brave young lawyer who took an extraordinary risk

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  • The Belfast Blitz

    The Belfast Blitz

    Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the devastating Nazi bombing of Northern Ireland

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  • Bloody Foreigners

    Bloody Foreigners

    Two of Channel 4’s four-part series of drama-documentaries highlighting the role played by foreigners at iconic moments in British history.

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  • Ruby and the Duke

    Ruby and the Duke

    60’ documentary for RTÉ One
    broadcast 18th January 2011

    The definitive Ruby Murray documentary and a musical tribute to one of Ireland’s cultural heroes.

    The music world before Elvis was dominated by a young British singer whose distinctive voice secured five top-20 singles at the same time – a world record only beaten by the late Michael Jackson. This incredible performer was Ruby Murray, a sweet girl from loyalist Belfast whose stage-fright and nerves drove her to drink and a premature death. Belfast singer/songwriter Duke Special uncovers the truth behind Ruby’s extraordinary life and career and reveals the darker side of the music industry’s ‘golden age’.

  • Ice Emigrants

    Ice Emigrants

    60’ documentary for BBC One Northern Ireland
    Broadcast 21st February 2011

    In 1849 a famine-ravaged Armagh community made a choice – to stay and die of starvation – or spend all they had sailing for Canada in search of a better life.

    Those who sailed across the Atlantic endured scarcely imaginable hardship - none more terrifying than the iceberg which sank their ship in the Gulf of St Lawrence. A century and a half later, on an extraordinary and emotional journey, a young family from Armagh retrace their ancestors’ steps and piece together a moving and inspiring story of emigration and survival.

  • True Horror

    True Horror

    Children wake up screaming in the middle of the night, telling you they saw a monster. All you can tell them is that there’s nothing to worry about, that it isn’t real. But that’s not strictly true...

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  • The Saint and the Hanged Man

    The Saint and the Hanged Man

    In 1307 the full weight of medieval justice descended on the sleepy town of Hereford. But this court wasn't summoned to prove innocence or guilt. The man on trial wasn't a murderer, or a criminal. He wasn't even alive.

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