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Bloody Foreigners

Two 60’ drama-documentaries broadcast June 2010

The Untold Battle of Trafalgar

Nelson famously signalled: ‘England Expects that Every Man will Do his Duty’.  But of the 18,000 sailors fighting for King and Country, 1,400 of them were not British at all. The Royal Navy was the world’s first equal opportunities employer, offering freedom, equal pay, and promotion irrespective of race or religion.

By analysing the records of HMS Bellerophon, this film has pieced together the story of a cross-section of Nelson’s foreign navy - including West Indian slaves, a Danish Prisoner of War, a Swede liberated from bondage in Muslim North Africa, a Maltese, an Indian, five Dutch and thirteen Americans.

The Admiralty promised them all a fair share of any captured enemy ships.  But between these brave sailors, and a potentially life-changing fortune, stood the bloodiest battle in naval history – and the greatest storm the seas had ever seen. What choices would Bellerophon’s foreigners make?

The Untold Great Fire of London

Every schoolchild learns 3 things about the Great Fire: It started at a baker’s in Pudding Lane. It was a terrible accident. And hardly anyone died.  But that’s not how the people of London saw things in 1666. Reeling from plague and war, Londoners believed the fire was started on purpose, by foreign enemies in their midst.

For several apocalyptic days and nights, as the city burned to the ground, London hunted these foreign fire-starters. And by the time the Fire had subsided, London had found its incendiary alien, from whom the raging mob demanded their pound of flesh.

Rooted in contemporary sources which catapult the viewer directly into the mood of London’s combustible streets, “Bloody Foreigners: Great Fire” reveals the dirty truth behind one of our sacred historical icons.


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