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  • 37 Days

    37 Days

    The countdown to World War One

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  • The Man Who Crossed Hitler

    The Man Who Crossed Hitler

    Noirish legal drama revealing the true story of a Jewish lawyer who challenged Hitler and paid with his life.

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  • Spanish Flu - the Forgotten Fallen

    Spanish Flu - the Forgotten Fallen

    Illuminating one doctor's pioneering efforts to protect the people of Manchester from the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic

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  • 1066


    It’s the most famous date in British history: but what was it like for the people caught up in the chaos?

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  • Heist


    London, 1303. Luckless Dick Puddlecote wants revenge on the man who ripped off his business and got him chucked in the clink. Unfortunately that man is the King of England.

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  • City of Vice

    City of Vice

    Diving deep into eighteenth-century London's criminal underworld, through the eyes of a pair of crime-fighting brothers, this bold series follows the adventures of John and Henry Fielding.

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  • The Relief of Belsen

    The Relief of Belsen

    April 17th 1945. The Battle for Berlin raged through Northern Germany. But a British Ambulance unit was diverted from the frontline to handle an unfolding medical crisis.

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  • A Harlot’s Progress

    A Harlot’s Progress

    Catapulting the audience into the seedy world of Georgian London, this film investigates eighteenth century vice from the perspective of a young artist striving for documentary integrity.

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  • Trafalgar Battle Surgeon

    Trafalgar Battle Surgeon

    Set on the Orlop deck of HMS Victory, this historical drama follows the battle from the point of view of William Beatty, ship’s surgeon, his surgical team, and the ordinary sailors they tried to save.

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37 Days
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