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It’s the most famous date in British history: but what was it like for the people caught up in the chaos?  This innovative blend of historical drama and original source material re-imagines the story of our most decisive year, not from the saddles of kings and conquerors, but through the eyes of the ordinary men who fought on their behalf. 

With contemporary insights sourced from the Domesday Book and other chronicles, 1066 – The Battle for Middle Earth goes behind the shield-wall to depict the soldiers and villagers caught up in the catastrophic events that jeopardized the land they all called ‘middle-earth’.

From England there’s Ordgar the king’s huscarl, bound to provide every man of fighting age – and his reluctant recruits: Leofric the work-shy farmer, and Tofi the newlywed teenager. 

From the fjords of the North come Gyrd the giant, Snorri the storyteller, a fearless Viking warrior who eventually joins forces with the English to fight the Normans.  And from across the English Channel come the Norman invaders – Ozouf the ruthless and Coutances his nobler nemesis.

Filmed entirely on location in Yorkshire, 1066 is written by Peter Harness (Is Anybody There?, City of Vice) and stars Mike Bailey (Skins), Francis Magee (Layer Cake), Søren Byder (Foyle’s War) and Anthony Debaeck (Wolfman).

An interactive game is also available to play via the Channel 4 website.

1066 Video

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