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Diving deep into eighteenth-century London’s criminal underworld, through the eyes of a pair of crime-fighting brothers, this bold series follows the adventures of John and Henry Fielding, the magistrates of Westminster, as they battle to establish the world’s first police force, against a rising tide of filth.

Episode one – a serial killer stalks the streets of Covent Garden, preying on vulnerable prostitutes. But does he have anything to do with the infamous pimp, Jack Harris, and his notorious List?

Episode two – the murder of a blackmailed priest opens the door to an underground world of molly houses and debauchery – too close to home for one of the Bow Street Runners.

Episode three – the marriage of an eligible young lady goes awry when her father’s home is burgled and ransacked – but is there more to the crime than meets the eye?

Episode four – Coming face-to-face with London’s most violent gang, the Fielding Brothers race against time to save Henry from the clutches of gangmaster Tom Jones, and bring his so-called Royal Family to justice.

Episode five – the Fieldings’ mission to cleanse their city of vice, takes them deep into the murky world of child prostitution

Starring Ian McDiarmid, Iain Glen, Francis Magee, Juliet Aubrey, Peter Guinness, Jonathan Moore, Nigel Harman, Sarah Smart, Gary Lewis and Geraldine James.

City of Vice Video

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    City of Vice

    Diving deep into eighteenth-century London's criminal…

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