Heist Video

The true story of the most audacious crime in medieval history, starring Kris Marshall, Geraldine James and Donald Sumpter.

London, 1303. Luckless Dick Puddlecote wants revenge on the man who ripped off his business and got him chucked in the clink. Unfortunately that man is the King of England. And worse, he’s the most ruthless king that England’s ever known.

But Dick’s got a plan. With the help of some of medieval London’s criminal underworld - including his girlfriend Joanna the Concubine, a dodgy goldsmith from Newmarket and a mason called Irish Pete – he’ll break into the crown vault, buried sixteen feet underground at Westminster Abbey, and empty it of all the king’s dough.

For once, the little man takes on the might of church and crown. But will Dick succeed? Will the king find out? And will the proceeds allow Dick to buy off an eternity in hell?

Heist Video

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    London, 1303. Luckless Dick Puddlecote wants…