1066 Reviews

  • 1066 Reviews
  • “Director Justin Hardy got three hours to show the three great battles of 1066 from the intimate perspective of the men who had to spill their guts and brains in them. The fighting was very convincingly done and the human side of the story sweetly and movingly told. In these stingy, fearful times this was a bold commission from Channel 4 but it really paid off, being not only entertaining but genuinely informative”

    The Spectator

  • “rousing… elegiac… superbly imagined… a cinematic intensity that sweeps you away”

    Radio Times

  • “vital and humane”


  • “action-packed… time to get excited about 1066 and all that”

    The Times

  • “a knee-knocking, blood-curdling, tunic-wetting view of eleventh century warfare”

    The Sunday Times

  • “gritty… clever… a far cry from Bristol in the 21st Century”


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