37 Days Reviews

  • 37 Days Reviews
  • “Historical drama at its best”

    Andrew Marr, The Andrew Marr Show, BBC1

  • “Visualizes and dramatizes complex and deep diplomacy in a way that is far more effective than any of the documentaries I’ve seen on the war so far”

    Tom Holland, Saturday Review, Radio 4

  • “Masterful three-part political thriller…an elegant script delivered by a distinguished cast in handsome locations…casting of German actors to play Germans speaking in English is a stroke of genius…don’t miss it.”

    Mike Bradley, The Observer

  • “Little short of a triumph - gripping, complex superbly performed and, most remarkable of all, as clear as clear as could be”

    David Chater, The Times

  • “The skill of this brilliant production is the way it guides us, step by step, through the catastrophic chain of events that led to war. Never have political negotiations been so absorbing.”

    Mike Mulvihill, The Times

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