City of Vice Reviews

  • City of Vice Reviews
  • “For viewers who are beginning to feel smothered by petticoats and deafened by the rattle of porcelain teacups, Channel 4 offers an alternative approach to the costume drama … an x-rated Taggart in wigs."

    The Times

  • “This gem of a programme – part-historical drama, part cop show – tells the story of this country’s first police force. Justin Hardy’s engrossing five-part series tells the crime stories apace and Ian McDiarmid and Iain Glen give beautifully reined-in performances”

    The Observer

  • “Marrying a convincing depiction of Georgian sexual vices with compelling mystery, this is splendid drama”


  • “Authentically red in tooth and claw period drama … entertaining, authentically grimy stuff”

    Time Out

  • “This year's Judges' Award goes to a drama created and executed in a very unusual way. The whole team on this project showed amazing ingenuity in creating a stunning vision of a crime-ridden and squalid Georgian London. Demonstrating brilliant creative versatility, the entire production was shot in one location on a very tight budget. The use of digital matte paintings to extend the set and link sequences was genuinely ground-breaking and created a truly astonishing sense of scale. This was a case where a significant budgetary challenge resulted in an innovative, eye catching and totally successful response”

    Royal Television Society 2008

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