Forgotten Fallen Reviews

  • Forgotten Fallen Reviews
  • “With a stellar cast, this thoroughly honourable drama describes the indefatigable efforts of Dr James Niven …Brilliantly acted and written… the writer and director exercised impressive restraint and made the scale of the horror more palpable and sinister.”

    The Times

  • “Justin Hardy’s film deserves multiple awards for the avoidance of cliché… We were confronted by real people who, even when they argued about how to contain the virus, did so intelligently. There was a suffocating drabneess … impressive because so many period dramas fail to capture the essential quality of those old films of the working classes… exceptional quality”

    The Telegraph

  • “Spanish Flu – The Forgotten Fallen… was a historical chronicle and couldn’t have been more timely”

    The Independent

  • “This sobering drama… perfectly played by Bill Paterson… Archive film, seamlessly spliced into the story, made it look like news. Which of course, it is”

    The Guardian

  • “Bill Paterson is perfectly cast… it’s a classy piece, directed with cinematic flair and enriched by neat, cruel ironies. The judicious use of archive film completes a mood of understated horror.”

    Radio Times

  • “Every so often, along comes a drama that takes a long hard look at something you’d rather blank out altogether, something large and menacing and beyond your control. … Grimly fascinating stuff, with uniformly excellent performances… it’s Jaws, essentially, but starring an invisible microbe instead of a rubber shark… A cheery romp through a valley of saffron daffodils this is not.”

    Charlie Brooker

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