Heist Reviews

  • Heist Reviews
  • “Olde English and modern speech blended together in a style that combines with the soundtrack to pull off the rarest of things: a modernization of a historical tale that doesn’t feel clunky. More of these, please.”

    Time Out

  • “Revisionist medieval comedy thrillers are thin on the ground… a cross between Blackadder and Ocean’s 11 … ‘I am not your blisswench’ deserves to become a catchphrase to rival ‘I’m not Bovvered’”

    The Times

  • “The blend of Chaucerian roguery with heist-movie motifs is fun … Above all, it’s a damn good story - better than most of Chaucer’s, in fact.”

    The Sunday Times

  • “It deserves commending for being so unusual … coarse, inventive and occasionally rather sweet.”

    Daily Mail

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