Trafalgar Battle Surgeon Reviews

  • Trafalgar Battle Surgeon Reviews
  • "This historical drama manages to combine two immensely popular contemporary television themes - war and surgery ... Trafalgar Battle Surgeon was a human and moving facet of the battle ... you could meet most of these people in a hospital nowadays ... compelling"

    The Guardian

  • "Fans of Patrick O'Brian already know that surgery in Nelson's navy was more sophisticated and effective than folklore suggests. Even so, this dramatised reconstruction of the surgery on board HMS Victory is surprising and impressive ..."

    The Times

  • "Impressive historical docudrama ... A gritty, well-acted and refreshingly colloquial insight into warfare without anaesthetic ... no shortage of exciting incident ... Not only a fresh perspective on Trafalgar, but also a moving sense of a deserved tribute being paid to a remarkable man ..."

    The Telegraph

  • "Full of excitement and pathos and drum-roll bravery... It had characters who stood out as believable and admirable. The descriptions and explanations of the wounds suffered were as horrifying as they were enlightening. But what was most impressive was that they'd found a one-armed Nelson look-alike to play the dying hero. Not only one-armed, but the right one arm ..."

    The Sunday Times

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