• 37 Days Reviews

    “Historical drama at its best” – Andrew Marr, AM Show, BBC1

  • The Man Who Crossed Hitler Reviews

    “Powerful and immensely worthwhile drama about the vital importance of the rule of law… engrossing, bristles with confrontation…Ed Stoppard brilliantly captures the idealistic but naïve lawyer…Ian Hart can barely contain his hatred…”

  • Forgotten Fallen Reviews

    “With a stellar cast, this thoroughly honourable drama describes the indefatigable efforts of Dr James Niven …Brilliantly acted and written… the writer and director exercised impressive restraint and made the scale of the horror more palpable and sinister.”

  • 1066 Reviews

    “Director Justin Hardy got three hours to show the three great battles of 1066 from the intimate perspective of the men who had to spill their guts and brains in them. The fighting was very convincingly done and the human side of the story sweetly and movingly told."

  • The Saint and the Hanged Man Reviews

    “This inventive documentary finds creative ways to bring its 600 year old story to life. Cute Python-esque animations play out the medieval scene of an ecclesiastical court … I just wish they had this when I was learning history.”

  • Heist Reviews

    "Olde English and modern speech blended together in a style that combines with the soundtrack to pull off the rarest of things: a modernization of a historical tale that doesn’t feel clunky. More of these, please."

  • City of Vice Reviews

    “For viewers who are beginning to feel smothered by petticoats and deafened by the rattle of porcelain teacups, Channel 4 offers an alternative approach to the costume drama … an x-rated Taggart in wigs."

  • Trafalgar Battle Surgeon Reviews

    "This historical drama manages to combine two immensely popular contemporary television themes - war and surgery ... Trafalgar Battle Surgeon was a human and moving facet of the battle ... you could meet most of these people in a hospital nowadays ... compelling"

  • A Harlot’s Progress Reviews

    “This is a drama laden with atmosphere, brutal and elegant in equal measure. Throughout, the narrative remains faithful to the original paintings down to the minutest detail. But there are also flights of fancy that lift the drama beyond the original canvas.”

  • The Relief of Belsen Reviews

    "Covering a period of a month after the British liberated Bergen-Belsen, this captivating drama-doc has a certain epic quality. The film packs a powerful punch and is a reminder that we yearn for happy endings in stories because there aren't any in life."


37 Days
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  • Trafalgar Battle Surgeon

    Trafalgar Battle Surgeon

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